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beeeaachhhhh dayyyyyy

I'm so excited....nicks coming over after he gets out of school, then at 2 hes gunna leave and i have to go get shawny and matty..then off to the beach! Nicee! So anyway....

Last night the party was and danielle sat with yanina jimmy and shawny. Then Danielle and I left around 900...and we decided to go on an fitchburg to see her boyfriend...yeah what a trip danielle, eh? lol. I think that trip was much more fun than anything...( Danielle-what street? Haaaawwweeesss. hahaha) Fitchburg though is a pretty scary town at night...

I think im goin to the beach tomarrow too..I practically begged nick and i think it almost worked so yay!I cant wait!
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